Stay Safe

November 30, 2023 by Mike Dominick

Protecting Your Home While Away

Property damage can happen anytime but the worst time may be while you’re away and not able to respond immediately. During the holidays this can easily become a reality with more and more people traveling over the next few months. There are things you can do to help keep your home more secure while away!

Security From Break Ins

–       Install a security system

–       Leave a car parked in the garage

–       Have outside lights on

–       Stop your mail delivery

–       Have a friend keep an eye on your home

How to Prevent Property Damage

–       Shut off the water main to help stop leaks

–       Have branches trimmed and removed

–       Put up outside furniture that may become a wind hazard

–       Have gutters cleaned out and roof inspected

–       Turn off all appliances and unplug any unnecessary electrical items

–       Close all internal doors to stop the spread of fire

Should something happen while you are away – count on the responsive team at Steel Horse Restoration and Consulting to help you get back on your feet. Our experience and professionalism will help you navigate a difficult situation. Contact us to learn more about our services and visit us online at

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A Partner You Need

November 22, 2023 by Mike Dominick

The Partner You Need

In today’s real estate market you need partners you can trust. Partners with the knowledge and experience to help you make a sale and provide a safe home for your clients. Steel Horse Restoration and Consulting is that kind of partner.

Homes may need restoration work for a variety of reasons. It could be that fire or water damage occurs prior to the home being listed or during the listing process. It’s also possible that a home inspection could uncover hidden water damage or even mold that will need to be addressed before the sale is finalized. 

Steel Horse Restoration and Consulting has the experience to address a variety of home issues including:

–       Fire damage

–       Water damage

–       Smoke damage

–       Mold and mildew remediation

Steel Horse Restoration and Consulting can provide detailed damage assessments and coordinate with insurance while providing detailed documentation. They are professional and prompt with the ability to make the process easier on everyone involved. Steel Horse services Central Florida, including Orlando, Daytona, Tampa, St. Petersburg and Lakeland.

To get started with Steel Horse, visit us online at or call 863-267-7310. 

Hidden Water Leaks

November 15, 2023 by Mike Dominick

Hidden Water Leaks

Property damage is bad enough when it’s something obvious such as a flood or fire event. But the gradual, hidden damage can grow over time and increase until it creates major damage to the structure and health of your home. Here are a few things you can look for to warn you of a possible leak hidden in your home.

Sources of a hidden water leak include:

–       Floods or storm damage

–       Burst pipes

–       Sewage Backups

So what should you look for to make sure you don’t have a hidden leak?

–       Stained walls or ceilings

–       Sagging walls or ceilings

–       Warping or bubbling

–       Mold or mildew growth

–       Musty smells 

Hidden leaks are nothing to put off. If you suspect there is a leak behind the walls of your home be sure to contact the property restoration experts at Steel Horse Restoration and Consulting. We can do a thorough inspection and make sure your home is functioning as it should.

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November 7, 2023 by Mike Dominick

Before Help Arrives – Fire Tips

If your home has suffered damage from fire but is safe to return to, there are things you can do to help minimize the damage before your property restoration team arrives. Fire damage is especially difficult because of the lasting effects of smoke and soot. Trained professionals such as the team at Steel Horse Restoration and Consulting understand how to quickly and effectively get your home or business back to normal following a fire.

What Not to Do:

–       Do not attempt to wash walls or upholstery on your own

–       Don’t attempt to self-repair any electrical appliances or turn on fans that may have been damaged

–       Do not eat anything that may have been close to the fire or in a broken refrigerator/freezer for too long

What to Do:

–       If you can stay somewhere else it will reduce movement in the home which will stop the spread of soot particles

–       If electricity is off, empty refrigerator and freezer, leaving doors open

–       Care for houseplants by wiping both sides of the leaves

–       Change your HVAC filters

If you have any questions about what to do or not to do, contact Steel Horse Restoration and Consulting. Visit us online at www.steelhorserc or call 863-267-7310.

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Importance of Humidity

October 31, 2023 by Mike Dominick

The Importance of Home Humidity

Humidity is something you hear a lot about in Florida and for good reason. While we can’t do much about the way it feels outside, having too high or too low of humidity inside can be a problem. Thankfully there are things to look for and ways to fix the humidity level before your health and home start to suffer.

Humidity is the concentration of water vapor in the air. Seventy percent or higher humidity can begin to cause property damage. The recommended percentages indoors range from 30%-60%. If humidity is too high it can cause excess moisture and condensation, mold or rot. Too low humidity can dry out the skin or lead to spreading viruses more easily.

In Florida, where high humidity is often a concern, it can lead to old and mildew growth, moisture damage to paint or wallpaper, even structural issues with crawl spaces and foundation. Home materials can swell or contract as the humidity swings high and low.

To regulate your home humidity you can use: 

–       Proper ventilation especially in the kitchen and baths

–       Fans

–       Air conditioning

–       Air quality monitors

–       Dehumidifier

If you suspect your home may have a mold or mildew issue already, it is imperative to have it addressed immediately by someone who knows how. This is where Steel Horse Restoration and Consulting can help. We offer 24 hour emergency response and the knowledge to fix your home problems right the first time!

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Protect Your Home

October 17, 2023 by Mike Dominick

Protect Your Home This Fall

Each season brings with it opportunities to protect your home from the elements and Autumn is no different. Just a few extra jobs around the house can prevent something major causing damage to your property or possessions. Steel Horse Restoration and Consulting wants you to be able to prevent damage before it happens!

Fall Home Protection Tasks

  1. Keep gutters clear of leaves – this will prevent possible water damage that can lead to mold or mildew
  2. Trim any branches that may get blown about by the wind and cause roof or window damage
  3. Keep up with your roof inspections to make sure it is working properly before the winter
  4. Disconnect your garden hose and properly prepare your irrigation system for the cold months ahead, protect exterior hose bibs if needed

Should home damage occur, Steel Horse Restoration and Consulting provides rapid, thorough services to get your and your home or business back on track quickly! We work closely with insurance companies and can provide the documentation you need to have your claims properly processed. Contact Steel Horse Restoration and Consulting for all of your property restoration needs!

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Fireplace Safety

October 9, 2023 by Mike Dominick

Fireplace Safety

Last week we talked about the seasonal dangers of candles and potential fires, and today we will look at the possible concerns from fireplace use. Gas and wood fireplaces have their own unique dangers that need to be addressed before a problem arises.

Gas Fireplace Safety

–       Install carbon monoxide detector which can detect unsafe amounts of carbon monoxide that can be released by gas powered fireplaces and appliances 

–       Keep flammable materials 3-feet away from the front of your fireplace

–       Never leave a fireplace burning unattended

–       Schedule annual inspections to make sure your fireplace is working as it should

Wood Fireplace Safety 

–       Always clean out the old ashes before starting a fire

–       Use a fireplace guard or screen to keep embers from getting out of the fireplace

–       Have your fireplace and chimney inspected

–       Make sure the flue is open

–       Keep children and pets away from the fireplace and make sure it is properly put out before bed

Should damage from fire or smoke occur, Steel Horse Restoration and Consulting are there to help with the clean up. Our rapid response time makes sure we are there for you as soon as you need it. Visit

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Seasonal Fire Safety

October 3, 2023 by Mike Dominick

Fire damage is devastating to your family and your home. It can cost thousands of dollars and endanger the lives of your loved ones. When properly enjoyed, fire can be a wonderful thing but safety must always be the top priority. 

Candle Safety

Candle usage is extremely popular during the fall and winter seasons. They can create a beautiful ambiance but must be used with caution. The National Fire Protection Association estimates that on average 20 home candle fires are reported a day. One third of candle fires begin in the bedroom with the most common cause being someone falling asleep with a candle lit.

–       Never burn a candle near drapes, bedding or other flammable materials

–       Keep candles out of the reach of children or pets

–       Extinguish candles when leaving a room

–       Place candles in a designated sturdy holder appropriate for candles

–       Consider flameless candles as a decorative alternative

Next week we will discuss safety tips for wood burning and gas fireplaces. Reviewing this safety information could prevent a devastating fire in your home. Unfortunately not all fires can be prevented and if you suffer damage be sure to contact Steel Horse Restoration and Consulting for rapid response and experienced care.

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Sewer Blockages

September 26, 2023 by Mike Dominick

Water Damage from Sewer Blockages

Your home’s plumbing is an intricate system that if it fails can cause a lot of damage. The drain lines from your toilets, sinks, tubs, showers and other waste water flow into a sewer line that takes the water out to the sewer or septic system. Sometimes that process can be broken potentially resulting in flooding or structural damage to your home. 

Signs of a sewer line backup include:

–       Slow drains especially in sinks and tubs

–       Toilets not flushing properly

–       A strong smell coming from inside the home or yard

–       Sewage rising up inside or outside the home

Some of the main reasons for a blockage include pouring grease down the drains, flushing materials that are not meant to be flushed or improper septic system care.

Should you have a problem with your sewer or septic system you will need professional clean up immediately. The wastewater can be hazardous to your health and will need to be properly cleaned up so as to not further damage the home.

Thankfully Steel Horse Restoration has the experience and expertise to handle this and other emergencies. Our speedy response time is imperative to any type of emergency clean up. Find out more about us and give us a call when you’re ready to get your life back on track!

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Lights Out

September 19, 2023 by Mike Dominick

Prepared During Power Outages

Power outages can occur for a variety of reasons including during storms, equipment failure or even planned maintenance. It is important to have a plan in place for a power outage and to know how to keep you and your family safe until the power is restored.

The first step is to have an emergency preparedness kit that includes: 

–       First aid kit

–       Flashlights

–       Battery powered radio

–       Battery phone charger

–       Non perishable food

–       Bottled Water

–       Medications

When a power outage does occur, unplug major electronics and turn off appliances. Never enter a flooded room where electrical outages are submerged – this could result in accidental electrocution. Never run a generator indoors or use a gas stove to heat your home. Keep your food at a safe temperature for longer by keeping freezer and refrigerator doors closed.

If your home suffers a power outage and damage from severe weather, fire or flooding, contact the experts at Steel Horse Restoration and Consulting. We are equipped to get your home restored and functioning again.

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