Mold and Odor Restoration Services

For Residential and Commercial Properties Across Central Florida

Mold and Odor Restoration

At Steel Horse Restoration & Consulting we help you recover from mold and odor damage and restore your property so you can move on with life and business. We coordinate with your insurance to expedite the restoration process.

Mold and odor issues can arise from undetected moisture issues, poor ventilation and other causes.

Whatever the cause, our mold and odor restoration process keeps you informed and moves the restoration forward as quickly as possible.

  • Inspection & Documentation
  • Insurance Coordination
  • Mold Containment & Removal
  • Odor Elimination & Sanitization
  • Reconstruction & Restoration
  • Inspection & Satisfaction

Call our 24-Hour Response Line to get started on the restoration process.

Mold Damage Restoration Florida

Commercial and Residential Mold and Odor Restoration

Inspection & Documentation

Call our 24-Hour Response Line to get started on the restoration process. We will perform an inspection of the damage and document the property using state of the art Matterport 3D Capture technology. Detailed damage documentation keeps you informed and helps speed the claims and restoration process.

Insurance Coordination

We coordinate with your insurance company to help you file the insurance claim, negotiate the cost of repairs and document the restoration work that is performed.

Mold Containment & Removal

Our services include containment of impacted areas and removal of contaminants.

Odor Elimination & Sanitization

Cleaning and restoring damaged areas of your property and possessions help eliminate potential future issues. We work to restore your building to like new condition with no lingering loss related issues.

Reconstruction & Restoration

Once existing water related damage is mitigated, the process of rebuilding and restoring your property to full use begins. Our contractors work with you to rebuild your building to your specifications.

Inspection & Satisfaction

The final stage of the process is a thorough inspection with the property owner to ensure your complete satisfaction with the mitigation and restoration process.


Restoration 24 Hour Emergency Response

We offer 24-hour emergency response to help expedite the restoration process. 

Call us to get the process started.



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